Who We Are

The Global Performance Management Academy is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to excellence in the realm of strategic planning, and performance and quality management.

GPMA serves professionals from corporate, NGO, and government organizations.

GPMA facilitates the exchange of concepts, ideas, insights, information, and best practices among practitioners and academics worldwide.

GPMA consists of members from all over the globe representing a kaleidoscope of backgrounds and perspectives.

GPMA Services Include:

  • Free Resources
    • Management Toolkits
    • Book library
    • Video library
  • Directories
    • Academic Degrees
    • Professional Societies
    • Executive Education Programs
    • Experts
  • Webinars
  • Forums and Conferences
  • Global Event Calendar
  • Free Assessment
    • Competency Assessment
    • Organizational Maturity Assessment
  • Training Programs
  • Professional Certifications


Supporting organizations
To support organizations in achieving the highest levels of performance; and in developing and materializing their visions.


Serving and Networking our Members
to provide every member and partner with services, resources and networking opportunities to advance in their strategic planning and enterprise performance management practices.

Core Values

GPMA six core values are the cornerstone of who we are, how we work, what we believe in and what we stand for.

  • Excellence: Encouraging and promoting excellence through innovation and creativity, rigor and pragmatism.
  • Integrity: Being honest and ethical in all interactions, maintaining the highest ethical standards in all the services we provide.
  • Synergy and Collaboration: Collaborating with key stakeholders with respect, openness and trust in pursuit of a common purpose.
  • Inclusiveness and Diversity: Embracing and acting on the responsibility to guarantee diversity and equity.
  • Responsiveness: Being receptive to individuals and originations.
  • Accountability: Accepting responsibility for the achievement of common goals and objectives.